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Looking for something to do
in Quartier DIX30?

We have lots of great suggestions for visits, activities and places to go for a fun time, day or night. Enjoy the selection of great restaurants and shops near the hotel.

At the hotel


A well-equipped gym is available to you day and night. You’ll find fitness balls, elliptical trainer, treadmill, stationary bike, weightlifting bench and free weights to help you keep fit during your stay.

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100 m


The treatments and thermal baths will make you feel like you've been transported beyond the DIX30!

800 m

Cinema Cineplex Odeon Brossard and VIP

This huge cinema has a VIP section where you can enjoy meals and drinks in a comfortable armchair while watching your movie.

500 m


Bfly is only 7 minutes away by walk from the hotel and offers five unique activity areas in a magical environment designed especially for kids.

700 m

Oasis Surf

Canada's first indoor surf park; an out of the ordinary activity that’s great for all levels.


It's at Quartier DIX30 in Brossard that can you find the number one biggest virtual reality centre in all of North America! And it's located only a few steps from the hotel.

650 m

Laser Game Evolution

Laser Game Evolution is a laser shooting game where participants compete to score as many points as possible in dark mazes on several floors.

90 m

Breakout - Escape Game

Teams of 2 to 8 players have 45 minutes to ‘escape’ a room by solving puzzles, discovering secret passages, and deciphering codes. Good luck!

110 m

Théâtre Manuvie

Théâtre Manuvie offers a varied and entertaining line-up of shows. It’s the spot to come see YOUR favourite stars!


150 m

Le Café du Théâtre

The mission of Le Café du Théâtre is to respect the traditions of French cuisine. Because why change a winning recipe? Ratatouilles, tartares, and braised beef bourguignons are all on the menu.

550 m

Restaurant ZIBO!

Salads, pizza, pasta, grilled dishes and fish feature on this restaurant’s California-style menu. Ideal for an outing with family or friends, happy hour or a business dinner.

900 m


Botanical cuisine and eco-commitment are the core foundations of LOV. Enjoy fresh local vegan ingredients in a beautiful environment that is a reflection of these concepts.

150 m


L’Aurochs exclusively serves Certified Angus Beef, it’s the best quality beef available on the market and only a small amount of it meets certification standards. Our team’s suggestion: try the beef tartare!

180 m

La Tomate Blanche

Passion and the love of doing things right is at the heart of Italian cuisine. The chefs at La Tomate Blanche know this well. The freshness and variety of the ingredients characterize the menu of this chic restaurant.

180 m

Jack Saloon

At Jack Saloon, immerse yourself in a unique experience combining cozy atmosphere, Western decor and tasty Tex-Mex cuisine.


1.1 km

Bar Les Cousins

At Bar Les Cousins, enthusiasts of well-crafted cocktails, carefully selected wines and local beers will be delighted.

650 m

Dirty D

Enjoy beautiful Latin and Aztec-inspired cocktails in a setting with Mexican-style summer decor.


850 m

Signé Local

Signé Local encourages Quebec creators and producers by proudly presenting their products in the store.

1.6 km

Mr. Puffs

The pastries from Montreal company Mr. Puffs are absolute heaven. Their little donuts are always served hot and are all natural, without eggs, lactose, cholesterol and trans fat.

1 km

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat are renowned for their vision, which respects nature and animals by using all kinds of recycled materials to create quality vegan bags and shoes.

850 m

Les Glaceurs

Les Glaceurs are famous for their homemade cupcakes decorated with whimsy.

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