About Germain Hôtels

Germain Hôtels is more than a hotel chain. It's a home-grown family business crafted from the expertise of three generations of the Germain family.

Germain Hôtels owns and operates Le Germain Hotels, Alt Hotels and Escad Hotels across Canada. Recognized as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies, it is renowned for its unparalleled hospitality and for the unique style that characterizes its hotels.

Thanks to the support of its loyal guests, more than 1500 dedicated employees and an adept management team, the company continues to thrive and expand.

« After 30 years of unforgettable encounters, our objective remains the same: to do hospitality differently by creating an emotional connection not only with our teams and our guests, but also with the communities across the country that welcome us with open arms. »

Christiane Germain

Our mission

Our mission is to create, develop and manage boutique and lifestyle hotels designed to reflect the latest trends and environmental concerns, where personalized customer service is at the heart of every experience.

Our vision 

To be recognized as a leader in hotel development and management, through innovative practices while providing our guests with comfort that stands out for its sophistication and the quality of service from our attentive staff, from coast-to-coast.

Our values

Because innovation stems from daring decisions, we believe that a business approach that challenges preconceived concepts and encourages initiative within our teams is the best way to ensure we create a unique hospitality experience for our guests.

“In any business, you have to cultivate doubt. Doubt preconceived ideas. Question what everyone else considers to be unquestionable. Think differently. It is from doubt that daring decisions are born.”

Jean-Yves Germain

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