Hospitality, a world of generosity

Donations and sponsorships are a good way to ensure that the generosity of Germain Hotels continues to do good far beyond our properties.

Donations and sponsorships

We prioritize organizations and events that are firmly rooted in our communities.

In addition, we believe it is beneficial to focus our acts of generosity to optimize their medium and long-term effects. For this reason, we have adopted four areas of action that guide our decisions on which causes to support.

Our preferred areas of action

The members of the Germain family have several passions in the art world: design, dance, visual arts, music festivals, orchestras, etc. Many are also involved with various organizations in their spare time.

We support initiatives that:
> Maintain or revitalize the arts and culture offering;
> Contribute to enhancing our destinations thanks to a creative and diverse cultural environment.

How do we contribute?

We offer what we do best: hospitality!
> We offer donations in the form of gift certificates, with expiry dates, redeemable for stays at our various hotels in Canada.
> We do not donate money.

I would like to request a donation or sponsorship

Looking for a partnership?

Are you looking for national collaboration or cross-promotion?

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