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Bar le Flâneur offers guests a simple concept with delectable products. Come and enjoy oysters and a bottle of bubbly in elegant surroundings!

Continuous service without reservations

Contact us: 514.985.6072


Flâneur Bar Lounge

To be a poet or philosopher, one must have the luxury of contemplation. Charles Baudelaire named these passionate observers of the world “flâneurs”: the French term used to describe those individuals who lounge, wander or stroll at their leisure. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the bar at Le Germain Hotel Montreal is named “Flâneur”. Nor is it a coincidence that it’s located in the hotel lobby, where any flâneur may cross its path and give in to their desire to repose.

Surround yourself with exquisite decor designed by Atelier Zébulon Perron while you ponder the meaning of life, or simply indulge in the irresistible fare: delectable coffee, mounds of freshly shucked oysters, and bubbles upon bubbles. A place of elegant hedonism that’s best savoured slowly.

Opening hours and menu

Tuesday to Saturday
4pm to 11pm
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Our terrace is now open for the season!

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Flâneur Bar Lounge

Oysters, champagne and cocktails: Bar Flaneur’s concept is simple and the products, divine. Come and enjoy oysters and a bottle of bubbly in elegant surroundings!

Flâneur Bar Lounge

2050, rue Mansfield,
Montréal, Quebec,
H3A 1Y9

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