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Sarah Parker Charles’s best addresses in St. John’s

What's not to miss when in St. John's.

Sarah Parker Charles, a renowned interior designer, has lived in many Canadian and American cities, but she always knew she would come home one day to live in Newfoundland. These are places that are not to be missed, according to her, when visiting St. John's.

Christina Parker Gallery

Sarah's mother owns an art gallery, located on Water Street. There are artists from here and elsewhere who depict scenes from Newfoundland. A must to soak up on local culture.

The Merchant Tavern

This restaurant, owned by her husband, Chef Jeremy Charles, was Sarah's first interior design project when she returned to St. John's. You will discover a modern but classic décor featuring a lot of wood. On the menu, she recommends trying the fresh, homemade pasta.

Signal Hill

The mountain that overlooks St. John's offers a 360-degree view of the city. It is "where the sea meets the earth". On a clear day, you can see Cape Spear on one side, The Rooms on the other, icebergs and even whales.

Cape Spear

If you have some time (and a car!), a trip to Cape Spear is required. Located at about a 15-minute drive from St. John's, this is the easternmost point in North America.

Bannerman Brewing Co

This microbrewery has just opened its doors and has already made a name for itself. It's the perfect place to have a drink in a cool, laid-back place.

Petty Harbour

Just a short drive from Cape Spear continue to Petty Harbour, a quaint little fishing village where one of the best fish and chips in the area is served at Chafe's Landing.

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Virginie LandryOctober 11th, 2019
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