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What is a "micro escape"?

According to many travel experts, this is THE trend to look out for in 2020.

After the JOMO trend (“Joy of Missing Out”, “slow travel”,“bleisure” and “staycation”, here is the new travel trend with a funny name to remember: “ micro escape”.

This is the new buzzword in the travel industry and many identify it as the biggest travel trend of 2020.

But what is it exactly?

You've probably done one or more "micro escapes" without even knowing it was one. To make a “micro escape”, you have to leave for one, two or three days, rather than taking a week or two off, and explore a new place thoroughly and then return to your daily routine. Perfect for weekends and not to exhaust your vacation bank!

The goal? It's about maximizing your busy schedule, which doesn't always allow you to take a full week off, as well as making the most of your weekends.

According to some, "micro escape" can effectively relax and de-stress because you completely surrender yourself to discovery when exploring a new place.

While it may be easier for Europeans to make micro-escape, as they can easily visit a new country every weekend, Canadians can definitely explore new horizons for a few days.

With direct flights between several major Canadian cities, certain destinations are perfect for “micro escape”.


St. John’s: It’s the perfect place to hang out and connect with the province’s wilderness. Breathe in the salty sea air, chase icebergs, fish for cod or go on wonderful hikes. Foodies will also be thrilled by the destination.

Toronto: A weekend for sports fans is ahead! Toronto has something for everyone with its many professional teams: hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. It's also the perfect destination for a shopping spree. Big brands and original little boutiques rub shoulders skillfully in the streets of Toronto.

Montreal: You could practically call it "the city where there is always something to do". In Montreal, there is always a festival to attend, a new restaurant to discover or museums to visit.

Saskatoon: It's a city that can be visited in two days and everything can be reached on foot. Are you a fan of good micro brewed beer? You could easily spend your weekend bar hopping!

Charlevoix: Relaxation at its best. Cut yourself off from the world, listen to the wind in the leaves, admire the St. Lawrence River and visit the farm animals at the Le Germain Hôtel & Spa Charlevoix.

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Virginie LandryJanuary 13th, 2020
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