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Staycations for everyone in the Prairies

Nature, food and art lovers will find what they are looking for when travelling to the Prairies.

Spring break is the perfect excuse to splurge on a staycation and the Prairies have a lot to offer, let be it Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta. Our suggestions of activities for each and every traveler.


Banff National Park and Lake Louise, whose reputations for gorgeous winter sights and clear blue water precede them are only a 90-minutes drive away from Le Germain Hotel Calgary, which makes it a perfect one-day getaway away from the city. Wear your warmest clothes and prepare for a day in the great outdoor dogsledding, hiking on ice or practicing ski and snowboard.


Many little cosy restaurants are located within walking distance from Alt Hotel Winnipeg. Because the weather can be particularly harsh during the winter months, you will probably crave a hot and comforting meal like a big steaming bowl of traditional pho. You will find one of the best at the very first Vietnamese restaurant of the city, Thanh Huong, for as little as a few bucks.


Right across the street from the Alt Hotel Saskatoon is the new museum of modern and contemporary art Remai Modern. More than 8000 artworks are on display in the permanent collection, as well as many Pablo Picasso’s linocuts. Visit their website ahead of your visit to check out the temporary exhibitions.

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Virginie LandryFebruary 14th, 2019
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