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Charlevoix and Andréanne Marquis: a love story

Discover why entrepreneur Andréanne Marquis fell in love with Le Germain Charlevoix Hotel & Spa and why she returns year after year.

Unparalleled comfort

Andréanne’s special relationship with Germain Hotels begins with her love of beds. The hotel’s high-quality bedding and carefully selected mattresses make guests feel like they’re

sleeping on a cloud. Sweet dreams give way to feelings rest and rejuvenation the next morning. Over the years, Andréanne has acquired practically the entire collection of Le Germain Hotels’ signature bedding, available exclusively at Simons, to recreate the experience of these ultra-comfortable beds in her own home.

A complete change of scenery

The hotel’s location and facilities make it a unique and enchanting destination. Surrounded by nature and scattered over several small structures, it’s a site that stands out completely from other hotels, with a “resort” feeling that guests quickly discover they have little desire to leave once there. As the entrepreneur mentions, "You have to see it (and experience it) to believe it!" She remembers the first time she told her partner about it, who couldn't understand why she was so enthusiastically describing "just a hotel." He fell head over heels for it on his first stay and now needs no convincing to return every year.

The culinary experience

One of the things that makes Le Germain Charlevoix Hotel & Spa such a special destination is its dining options. Directly in the hotel, guests can enjoy a gourmet dinner showcasing the best local Charlevoix products at Les Labours restaurant, or savour a wood-oven pizza at Le Bercail. Andréanne particularly appreciates the latter, with its relaxed atmosphere and the personalized cocktails carefully crafted by the bartenders. Her favourite on the menu: The fisherman's board, offering smoked salmon mousse, Nordic shrimp with spicy mayonnaise, smoked salmon, croutons, marinated fennel and arugula. A pure delight!

Peace of mind

What makes the place so exceptional in Andréanne's eyes is the opportunity it offers to disconnect entirely. Once you arrive, you’ll never need to get behind the wheel again as everything is within walking distance. The proximity to the city of Baie Saint-Paul, the St. Lawrence River, hiking trails, a spa and restaurants allows you to completely relax and just enjoy the moment. The icing on the cake? Guests can enjoy the hotel year-round, with activities to do in every season in the surrounding area!

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Germain HôtelsAugust 17th, 2020
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