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6 suggestions from... Rob Derochie at Alt Hotel Calgary East Village

The Guest Service Team Leader at Alt Hotel Calgary East Village shares a few of his favourite things in Calgary!

I am: The Guest Service Team Leader at Alt Hotel Calgary East Village, and here are some of my favourite things in Calgary!

The place where I could go on a shopping spree: The Calgary Farmers' Market – I am only allowed to go to the market with cash in hand, absolutely no debit or credit cards allowed! The market is an eclectic mix of a food truck festival combined with a bazaar. If you want to shop locally, the market is an absolute must.

My favourite cocktail: The Coffey And Cigarettes cocktail from Yardarm. The cocktail is a smoked mezcal and whiskey with a stunning presentation. With Yardarm only three blocks away from the hotel, it's my favourite cocktail lounge in town!

A restaurant for a special outing: If I can only choose one, this will be tough! Pizza lovers will swoon for Una Pizza + Wine, Ten Foot Henry is a stellar plant-based modern restaurant, and the Vintage Chophouse is my go-to when I want to splash out on an authentic Albertan steak dinner. Calgary has a fantastic dining scene that has something for everybody.

The best happy hour: This one is easy – the happy hour at Añejo. From 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM and again from 9:00 PM – close, this funky Mexican restaurant has well over 200 tequilas on the wall – all at 50% off! Be brave and disregard your college-day memories of bad tequila; Añejo will show you the Mexican spirit in a brand new light. Their happy hour is rounded off nicely by offering 50% off tacos, along with $6 margaritas and beer.

My favourite local brand: Village Ice Cream. You know it’s good when it’s the dead of winter and I’m still craving it. Thankfully, it’s only a ten minute walk away, so ice cream in January is totally possible!

What I like most about the hotel: What I like (LOVE) most about the hotel is how unique we are as a brand. We value creativity, daring, and ingenuity. Our standards are not built on efficiency but on how we can provide the best experience possible. I've had an absolute blast coming up with fun and creative ways to make a real connection with our guests.

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Germain HôtelsJanuary 13th, 2020
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