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6 suggestions from... Amy Zalenchuk at Alt Hotel Saskatoon

Our guest service manager at Alt Hotel Saskatoon shares her favourite spots in town.

I am… Guest Service Manager at the Alt Hotel Saskatoon and here are a few of my favourite things about Saskatoon.

The best brunch… Poached. I am a huge Eggs Benedict fan and they have the best in town. The service is always great and the food is fabulous, plus it is a short walk from the hotel!

The place where I could go on a shopping spree… Dutch Growers, definitely! They have everything there, from trendy clothes to home and garden items as well as a pumpkin maze! This is a place where all my Pinterest dreams come to life!

My Favourite cocktail… A mojito from Congress Beer Hall. It is also a really warm and cozy place to sit and have a beer. They offer loads of local beers on tap.

My Favourite local brand… It’s a tie between Hard Pressed and Social Made Local. Two amazing local companies supporting good causes and offering really unique items.

What I like most about the hotel… Our location! We are in an area that is being developed right along the river, close to so many great shops, restaurants and beautiful walking trails through the city. I remember when this was a vacant lot and to see how much this area has grown and came alive is amazing.

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Virginie LandryOctober 10th, 2019
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