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Toronto : suggestions for foodies by Chris Nuttall-Smith

The food writer and guest judge at Top Chef Canada shares some gourmet places to visit when in Toronto.

Food show enthusiasts and culinary magazine consumers know Chris Nuttall-Smith well. The food journalist and guest judge on Top Chef Canada is a well-known figure among Canadian foodies.

In Montreal recently as part of the filming of our web series "One of the Family", Chris Nuttall-Smith, who has previously lived in the city for a few months, took the opportunity to tour some new culinary addresses as well as revisit his classics.

Before asking for his recommendations for a gastronomic stay in Toronto, the city where he lives, we took the opportunity to ask him his favourite restaurants here in Montreal.

"I'm still so sad that Hotel Herman has closed, I'm still crying about it", he says right up front. "Otherwise, I really like Bouillon Bilk. I also like to go to Jean-Talon Market. It's, in my opinion, one of the best markets in the world."

Now, what are his best recommendations in Toronto? "If you want to get out of the city centre, Scarborough is amazing. The food is impressive. You won’t find fine dining restaurants, but rather many types of exotic cuisines, such as ski lankan, caribbean, asian."

For a drink, Chris Nuttall-Smith says he knows "the most beautiful bar in the world": Bar Raval. Visit it for Spanish tapas accompanied by glasses of Cava.

Otherwise, Chris suggests going for a walk in the Kensington Market, a place popular with tourists, certainly, but also by locals. "There is a lot to see and very interesting people to meet."

Watch the ''One of the Family'' video with Kim Thuy and Chris Nuttall-Smith in Montreal.

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Virginie LandrySeptember 25th, 2019
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