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5 activities to do with the kids in Montérégie this winter

Our suggestions for family activities to do this winter in Montérégie!

Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park

The perfect place to enjoy winter. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sliding or downhill skiing, it's all here! We can even go up the mountain with sealskins under our skis, on off-trail trails, which allows us to get a little more exercise and then come back down! There are beautiful mountains in Montérégie!

*To visit or stay in a national park, you must reserve and pay your daily access fee online, or have an annual Sépaq card.

Gault Nature Reserve, Mont-Saint-Hilaire

With 25 km of hiking trails for all skill levels as well as 4 different summits, this UNESCO-protected site exudes a splendid autumnal atmosphere that makes it easy to take in the colours in the valleys of the Montérégie. At the same time, the great diversity of minerals, fauna and flora serves as a research and teaching centre on ecosystem conservation for McGill University. It’s an ideal way to combine meaning and fun!

Preparing for summer

Take advantage of the days off to plant your seeds for your summer vegetable patch! You can go and choose the seeds with your family and decide together what will grow in the garden next summer.

Alpacas of Domaine Poissant

Boasting a herd of more than a hundred alpacas grazing on picturesque green landscapes under the shade of trees, the owners of ALPAGAS du DOMAINE POISSANT are ready to welcome you to their enchanting setting atop Mont Saint-Hilaire. Reserve a delightful moment with alpacas during a guided educational tour of the farm. 

A Staycation at the hotel!

And why not a stay at the hotel... with your family! Visit one of our hotels in the Quartier DIX30 and experience an evening out of the ordinary! Order a good dinner delivered to your room and treat yourself to a movie night in the comfort of your room! An evening your children will never forget!

Stay at the Alt Hotel Quartier DIX30

Stay at the Escad Hotel Quartier DIX30

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Germain HôtelsFebruary 12th, 2021
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