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Huguette and Fiacre

928 ft²/86 m²


64 people

Maximum capacity

Located on the ground floor, the Huguette and Fiacre rooms can also be combined to create a larger room totaling over 928 square feet. To further boost the success of events hosted there, an annex to the kitchen of renowned restaurant Le Bistango is conveniently adjacent to the new space, ensuring the efficiency and quality of service for meals. Naturally, the rooms come equipped with the latest connectivity and multimedia projection technology.

Meeting room features

Flip charts

Pens and notepads

65 or 55-inch flat screen TV with plug and play capability

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Toll-free: 1.800.463.5253

Local: 418.658.1224

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SpacesLength X Width in feetDimensionsTheatreClassroomBoardroom"U" ShapeLounge / CocktailHalf-round tables of 6Round tables of 8
Deschamps12×17204 ft²/18 m²--12-12--
Cantin19×16304 ft²/28 m²----1268
Lambert-721 ft²/67 m²--22----
Huguette16×29464 ft²/43 m²32211920322432
Fiacre16×29464 ft²/43 m²32211920322432
Nadeau17×30510 ft²/47 m²30151815401824
Germain15×30450 ft²/41 m²36242624402432
Rochette16×30480 ft²/44 m²45272625402432
Huguette and Fiacre-928 ft²/86 m²60382020604864
Rochette and Germain31×30930 ft²/86 m²706026251004864
Victor-1420 ft²/131 m²1508045451506688
Rochette, Germain and Nadeau48×301440 ft²/133 m²1259045451707296
Victor and Huguette-1886 ft²/175 m²182100454518290120
Victor, Huguette and Fiacre-2350 ft²/218 m²2101184545210114152

The Fiacre room and its association with the Huguette and Victor rooms will not be available until May 2024.

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This intimate, friendly space with a breathtaking view of Quebec City makes the ideal setting for interviews and board meetings.

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