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450 ft²/41 m²


40 people

Maximum capacity

This room sits up to 40 people. Its space features a 61-inch flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi. It is also nicely decorated with mahogany panelling, providing a distinguished setting for your business dinners, meetings and important events.

Meeting room features

Flip charts

Pens and notepads

65 or 55-inch flat screen TV with plug and play capability

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Toll-free: 1.800.463.5253

Local: 418.658.1224

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SpacesLength X Width in feetDimensionsTheatreClassroomBoardroom"U" ShapeLounge / CocktailHalf-round tables of 6Round tables of 8
Deschamps12×17204 ft²/18 m²--12-12--
Cantin19×16304 ft²/28 m²----1268
Lambert-721 ft²/67 m²--22----
Huguette16×29464 ft²/43 m²32211920322432
Fiacre16×29464 ft²/43 m²32211920322432
Nadeau17×30510 ft²/47 m²30151815401824
Germain15×30450 ft²/41 m²36242624402432
Rochette16×30480 ft²/44 m²45272625402432
Huguette and Fiacre-928 ft²/86 m²60382020604864
Rochette and Germain31×30930 ft²/86 m²706026251004864
Victor-1420 ft²/131 m²1508045451506688
Rochette, Germain and Nadeau48×301440 ft²/133 m²1259045451707296
Victor and Huguette-1886 ft²/175 m²182100454518290120
Victor, Huguette and Fiacre-2350 ft²/218 m²2101184545210114152

The Fiacre room and its association with the Huguette and Victor rooms will not be available until May 2024.

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This intimate, friendly space with a breathtaking view of Quebec City makes the ideal setting for interviews and board meetings.

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