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NUPO restaurant specializes in creative sushi and fish offering, as well as exquisite plant-based cuisine.

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NUPO Restaurant

All of Calgary has been waiting for it and it’s finally here! When you’re looking for a unique place to spend the evening where you can also eat healthy, you don't even need to leave the hotel — NUPO is waiting for you.

Let yourself be tempted by their mainly vegetarian menu, fresh-daily, house-made tofu, vegan “tonkotsu” ramen, and their healthy, inventive sushi and bold fish dishes, all crafted by Chef Darren MacLean.

Head here for a delicious, guilt-free dinner, to grab a bite at the bar, or to savour one of the signature mar “tea” ni or sample one of the tea-based cocktails, all in a relaxed atmosphere and surrounded by a minimalist decor that’s at once Japanese and Canadian.

 Reservations for à la carte service can be made, as well as for seats at the omakase sushi counter.

Vegan and gluten-free options

NUPO’s cuisine is largely plant-based and includes vegan options.

Please notify your server of any dietary restrictions.

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Opening hours and menu

Wednesday to Sunday
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EIGHT Restaurant

Slip into the back of NUPO where you’ll discover a discreet door that leads to EIGHT, an exclusive venue with only eight seats. EIGHT is an interactive dining experience and culinary adventure hosted by Chef Darren MacLean. You’ll find unique forms of entertainment, but above all, you’ll experience carefully selected local ingredients combined with techniques and flavours that will give you a taste of Canada’s delicious diversity. Places are extremely limited, hurry and reserve today!

Eight and Nupo are proud to be on the Canada’s 100 best restaurants 2022 list.

NUPO & EIGHT Restaurants

A restaurant, bar and omakase sushi experience all in one, NUPO is accessible from the Alt Hotel Calgary East Village. Nestled into the back of NUPO you'll discover EIGHT, an exclusive venue with only eight seats.

NUPO & EIGHT Restaurants

631 Confluence Way SE,
Calgary, Alberta,
T2G 1C3

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