Sustainable projects

Before we make any decisions, we consider the long-term implications.

Efficiency and sustainability come together 

We are always on the lookout for new construction, renovation, and design technologies to reduce the impact of our operations in the communities that welcome us. In fact, all of our hotels are Green Key certified (three or four keys).

Always more efficient, always more sustainable

New technologies and innovation in construction allow us to reduce the impact of our operations.

  • Location - Our hotels are strategically located in areas that are well connected to public transport. In urban areas, walking is encouraged.

  • Buildings - Together with specialists, we promote environmentally responsible solutions:
    > optimizing the thermal envelope of our buildings
    > environmentally friendly, smart range hoods
    > systems to reduce water consumption
    > immense, low-emissivity thermal windows that maximize natural light
    > grey roofs that reduce heat islands on some of our buildings
    > compliance with light pollution regulations
  • Construction - We consolidate shipments and use rail rather than truck transportation. We choose sustainable materials, and our furniture is made in Quebec with respect for the environment. Hazardous waste is transported safely to approved facilities.

  • Renovation - Renovating Le Germain Hotel Montreal instead of demolishing it was part of a sustainable approach. We created an opportunity to come up with an innovative design by starting with the old building.

Our 2023 sustainable project target

Reduce the residual materials generated on our various sites

Our actions

> Conduct a waste management analysis (WMA)
> Identify ways to reduce them at the source
> Create projects to reuse waste (stained bedding, food, etc.)

Our vision 

« Every hotel is built to adapt to its environment: everything is reconsidered when we launch a new project.»

- Marie Pier Germain, Eng., Vice-president of sales and marketing

Learn more about our best practices

Our actions are based on three pillars, which are rooted in our corporate culture and guide our decisions every day.

Local sourcing

Prioritizing local suppliers is one of our priorities.

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