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Local sourcing

Local and responsible sourcing guides all our projects. It is one of the main criteria when choosing suppliers.

Proud of our approach

Prioritizing local suppliers is one of our priorities. We give thought to the materials we use to build our hotels, the artwork that distinguishes each of our properties, and the ingredients our chefs cook for our guests to enjoy.

Discover some of the highlights

We work with partners who allow us to create innovative and responsible designs for our various projects.

  • We rely on the expertise of the Montreal firm LEMAYMICHAUD for the inspiring design of all our hotels.

  • We have a trusted relationship with several artisans and interior designers, including Ébénistera Rénova for most our wood furniture. This long-time supplier uses responsible, non-toxic materials.

  • We use the services of Atelier Zébulon Perron, which specializes in architectural and commercial design, to set new standards in design. The goal :  create spaces that are both contemporary and timeless.

Our most recent blog posts

Whether it's innovative materials, a recycled alternative or a food unique to our terroir, we're always on the lookout for the best innovations to create the experience you love.

Germain Hôtels

Local sourcing: our chefs’ specialty

Incorporating local ingredients into our cuisine doesn't always come naturally to us. But for the chefs in our restaurants across Canada, it’s become second nature! While they continually shape and improve their approach year after year, the experience differs for each of them depending on where they’re located.
Développement Durable
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Our vision for local sourcing

Improve our procurement practices

In the past year we have: reviewed our procurement policy to include more criteria related to the ESG practices practices of our suppliers. As part of this review, we seized the opportunity to push the process even further further by immediately taking the following additional steps immediately:

→ Introduction of guidelines on the real need to make a purchase, as well as on where a product comes from, its lifespan and end-of-life

→ Addition of evaluation criteria for ethical and human rights issues

→ Addition of ESG criteria to our partnership agreements for the opening of our new property, the Alt Hotel Calgary University District

ESG criteria added to the evaluation of our IT suppliers, applicable to multiple departments: culture and talent, distribution, etc.

Our local and responsible sourcing targets for 2024

  • Train 100% of our managers on responsible purchasing issues
  • Create tools to support our managers in their ad hoc decisions
  • Develop new solutions in collaboration with our suppliers

Discover our pillars

Our actions are based on three pillars, which are rooted in our corporate culture and guide our decisions every day.

Community spirit

People are always at the heart of every decision we make.

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