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Sweater Weather in Newfoundland

5 local shops to up your “sweater weather” game.

According to…me, sweater season should be all year long. I love the fabric, the layers, the colours… My love for a slightly colder climate may be one of the reasons why I moved to Newfoundland, and I could not be happier; it’s sweater heaven. Here are my favourite place to shop for stylish jumpers.

1. Nonia : Founded in 1920, this not-for-profit shop has a fascinating history. It employs 175 knitters and weavers (some of them for more than 50 years) from all across the province to make fully local, hand crafted sweaters, knits, toques, socks, gloves, and other wool items.

2. Johnny Ruth : Some COULD say that I love that place a little too much. I think there is never enough love. On top of their many fall collections, Johnny Ruth carries a lot of fun hoodies with Newfoundland saying or landscapes.

3. Civic Duty : Located just off Water Street, Civic Duty is the cool kid on the block for gentlemen who want to warm up in style.

4. Salt : This local favourite brand is doing comfort like no other. They have great sweaters and sweat pants for fall days spent walking around town, running errands, or doing nothing at home.

5. Outfitters : Lovers of the great outdoors know this store well. It’s the place in town to buy tech gear and warm clothes for all the great fall adventures ahead.

If you can’t make it all the way to The Rock this fall, no worries – all these stores ship across Canada!

Happy sweater season everyone!

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Clarah GermainSeptember 16th, 2020
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