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Best brunch in Quebec City

The best adresses for brunch in town!

The breakfast in Le Germain Hotel Quebec really lives up to the expectations: there are generous cheese platers from various Quebec regions, the best flaky croissants, delicious yogurt and fruit parfaits and much more.

But if you ever feel like eating a good brunch on a Saturday or Sunday morning, here are our suggestions of our favourite places located near the hotel.

Sarah Côté, General Manager of Le Germain Hotel Quebec, shares her favorite spot:

Hobbit Bistro
700, rue Saint-Jean
9-minutes car ride

Francis Bélanger, concierge at Le Germain Hotel Quebec, share his favorite spot:

Bistro L’Orygine
36, rue Saint-Pierre
4 minutes by foot

Other favorite spots :

Taverne Louise
48, rue Saint-Paul
1 minute by foot

Rioux & Pettigrew
160, rue Saint-Paul
4 minutes by foot

Buffet de l’antiquaire
95, rue Saint-Paul
2 minutes by foot

Le Clocher Penché
203, rue Saint-Joseph
9-minutes car ride

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Germain HôtelsMay 16th, 2019
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