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6 sites to enjoy summer in the Peg

Here's our favorite places to enjoy the summer in an "in the Peg" experience.


Located where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet, The Forks, which dates back 6000 years, has historically been a traditional meeting place. Now, it is home to many attractions, such as a market, museums, a skate park and many cool places to eat and drink.


This is the best place to admire public art, to try the trendiest bars and restaurants as well as to shop in the cute little boutiques with a vintage flair.


If you like dining outside, go straight to Corydon Avenue! This street, once considered to be the ‘’Little Italy’’ of Winnipeg, is home to many great Italian restaurants.


This Winnipeg neighborhood has the largest and best kept collection of historical buildings in North America. While there are many good restaurants and pretty shops, we highly recommend you take advantage of their walking tours to learn more about the city.


A park, a zoo, a playground, and gardens: Assiniboine Park has it all. It is a very popular outdoor location during summer and ideal for families.


From July 31 – August 13, take part in the Folklorama multicultural festivities and meet people from all over the world. Visit pavilions from different countries such as the Caribbean, Hungaria, Egypt, Korea or Portugal, among others, see shows and cultural ceremonies and taste traditional food.

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Germain HôtelsMay 15th, 2022
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