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Looking for something to do in St. John's?

We have lots of great suggestions for visits, activities and places to go for a fun time, day or night.

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A well-equipped gym is available to you day and night. You’ll find fitness balloons, elliptical trainer, treadmill, stationary bike to help you burn some carbs during your stay.

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290 m

Newfoundland Chocolate Company

This company crafts artisanal chocolate incorporating local berries, nuts, caramel, and even sea salt made right here on the island. Each chocolate is sourced, crafted, decorated, and packaged by hand.

2.5 km

Signal Hill National Historic Site

This historic site offers an impressive view of the Atlantic. Signal Hill had an important strategic position in the past and played a prominent role in the history of communications.

16.5 km

Cape Spear

You’ll be the first in North America to see the sunrise on Cape Spear, the easternmost point of the continent. It’s also the perfect place to observe the oldest fort in the province and a large number of birds and whales.

Bird The Rock - Newfoundland Bird & Nature Tours

Join Jared from Bird The Rock for group or private bird watching tours.

102 km

Baie de Trinity - Dildo Boat Tours

This boat tour will introduce you to the magnificent Trinity Bay and its incredible marine world, numerous birds and maybe even a few icebergs.

260 m

Johnny Ruth

Johnny Ruth is an independent boutique featuring local clothing, handmade jewelry and small gifts.

650 m

Heritage Shop

You’ll find small gifts emblematic of the Newfoundland and Labrador region in this shop.


45 m

Raymonds Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in the country, Raymonds offers an exceptional dining experience overlooking the harbour and The Narrows in a building dating back to 1915.

2.8 km

The Mallard Cottage

Mallard Cottage is a historic restaurant that pays tribute to the beautiful region of Newfoundland and its local products.

700 m


Chinched has both a bistro and take out counter, and every cut of local and artisanal meat is used to ensure nothing is wasted.

750 m

The Adelaide Oyster House

This restaurant is a hip destination for seafood, shellfish and small plates with craft beer, wines and signature cocktails.


400 m

The Duck of Duckworth

This bar is a very popular spot for locals and the perfect place to share a pint with friends.

750 m

O’Reilly’s Irish Newfoundland Pub

Irish pub with live entertainment every night and pub food.

800 m

Christian’s Pub

One of the most popular pubs on the famous George Street. It’s also THE place to be "screeched-in", a traditional ceremony where locals welcome you to Newfoundland.

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