Community spirit & Team members wellness

People are always at the heart of every decision we make. For us, creating an emotional connection with our teams and guests, as well as with communities across the country, is a priority.

Community involvement

From the moment we choose to run our hotel operations in a city, it's important for us to actively participate in its economic development, to offer quality jobs, to be generous to its citizens and to get involved with various local organizations.

For a viable tourism industry

Whether it is sponsorship or support for local events, we are always open to giving our time and energy.

  • By making themselves available to the communities where their hotels are located the members of the Germain family give their time, share their knowledge, and get involved with various organizations.

  • When the IT team in Quebec City had to replace all the Wi-Fi equipment (more than 50 routers) they donated the old system to the Cégep de Sainte-Foy. The routers allowed students to do practical rather than virtual labs and to create links with members of our team. We plan to do the same thing in Winnipeg and Halifax.

  • We are always happy to welcome students from hospitality schools for various projects. We also give lectures and training sessions at these schools and provide mentoring opportunities.

Our vision for our community engagement

Grow our community involvement program

In the past year, we relaunched our national donations and sponsorships program. 
Donations and sponsorships are a great way to ensure that the generosity of Germain Hotels continues to reach far beyond our own establishments.

The arrival of our new platform has enabled us to take a more local approach to working with organizations.

Value of donations in 2023:  over 300,000$ (April to December 2023)

Number of local causes supported: 600

Our 2024 goal

Add volunteer involvement to our philanthropic efforts in our hotels

Discover our pillars

Our actions are based on three pillars, which are rooted in our corporate culture and guide our decisions every day.

Sustainable projects

Before we make any decisions, we consider the long-term implications.

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