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GROUPE GERMAIN INC. and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "GERMAIN HOTELS") wish to inform you in a simple, clear and transparent manner about the use of cookies and similar technologies prior to your browsing our website available via the following URL: (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").

What is the scope of this policy?

This policy describes the personal information that GERMAIN HOTELS may collect through its website, and how it will be used. It should be read in conjunction with our Site's privacy policy, which is available here.

The privacy policy that applies to the recruitment of candidates and employees of GERMAIN HOTELS can be found here.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a set of data stored on the hard disk of your device (computer, tablet, cell phone) by your browser when you consult an online service. Cookies are widely used by websites. They ensure that they function properly or improve navigation, and they also provide certain information to site owners, notably in terms of audience measurement.

Cookies do not cause any damage to your device. They make it easier, for example, to retrieve preferences, pre-fill certain fields or adapt the content of services on the site consulted. This data enables us to improve ergonomics and services according to your interests.

What types of cookies do we use?

The information collected through cookies helps us to analyze the use of the Site and enables us to offer users a better experience during their visit. We will retain cookies only for as long as is necessary to achieve the relevant purposes set out in this policy, including marketing and analytical purposes.

In general, we use session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain on your device until you close your web browser. Most session cookies are essential to the proper functioning of our Site, as they allow you to browse and use the features offered.

Persistent cookies remain on your device after you close your browser or until you manually delete them (in the former case, the lifetime of the cookie depends on the duration or "lifetime" of the specific cookie and your browser settings). Persistent cookies help us to recognize you as an existing user of our Site. This makes it easier and more convenient to return to our Site and interact with our services without having to log in again. In addition, persistent cookies also help us recognize you when you view a resource belonging to our Site from another website or application (such as an advertisement) and help us record information about your web browsing habits for the lifetime of the persistent cookie.

The cookies we use may be deposited either directly by our Site and therefore managed by GERMAIN HOTELS (first-party cookies); or by partners and service providers, which are therefore managed by third parties (third-party cookies).

Why do we use cookies?

Here are the various cookies used on our Site, as well as the purpose of their use.

Necessary cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of our Site and the accessibility of our services (e.g. security connection functionality, load balancing, navigation, form filling). Our site cannot function properly without these cookies.

Analytical cookies: Statistical cookies enable us to understand how visitors interact with our Site by collecting and communicating information on a de-personalized or anonymous basis.

Marketing cookies: Marketing cookies are used to track visitors to our Site on third-party sites such as Google or Facebook. The aim is to display ads that are relevant and appealing to you and therefore more useful to third-party publishers and advertisers.

Social network cookies: The Site integrates functionalities from third-party sites, including certain social networks. These features may sometimes be accompanied by scripts or other features that read and sometimes place cookies from these social networks on your device. These cookies may be used to personalize advertising messages. Please note that we do not have access to these cookies and that we have no control over these social networks, which are responsible for their own use of cookies, nor over the personal information they collect about you. For more information, please refer to the list of potential social network cookies below.

Facebook: the following Facebook features may be integrated into our Site and may read or set Facebook cookies:

  • Connect to Facebook (which allows the user to connect to their Facebook account and interact with our Site through that account);
  • Share on Facebook (allows the user to share an item on Facebook with others)

    Click here to read Facebook's privacy policy
    Click here for information on Facebook cookies

Instagram: the following Instagram features may be integrated with our Site and may read or set Instagram cookies:

  • Connect to Instagram (which allows the user to connect to their Facebook account and interact with our Site through that account) ;
  • Share on Instagram (allows the user to share an item on Instagram with others)

    Instagram's privacy policy and cookie information can be found under the Facebook links above.

Linkedin: the following Linkedin features may be integrated into our Site and may read or set Linkedin cookies:

  • Connect to Linkedin (which allows the user to connect to his Linkedin account and interact with our Site through this account) ;
  • Share on Linkedin (allows the user to share an item on Linkedin with others)

    Click here to read Linkedin's privacy policy
    Click here for information on Linkedin cookies

YouTube: the following YouTube features may be integrated into our Site and may read or set YouTube cookies:

  • Log in to YouTube (which allows the user to log in to their YouTube account and interact with our Site through that account);
  • Share on YouTube (allows the user to share an item on YouTube with others)

    Click here to read YouTube's privacy policy
    Click here for information on YouTube cookies

How do I accept or refuse the use of cookies?

From time to time, when you visit our Site, you may be given the option of accepting all cookies, manage the cookies, or rejecting all cookies (by means of our cookie banner). The latter option may mean that certain personalized services cannot be provided and that you may not be able to take full advantage of all the functionalities offered by our Site.

In addition, the cookie configuration options on your devices may allow you to manage the use of cookies. These options differ depending on the browser you use. To find out how to modify your preferences, please refer to the instructions in your browser's help menu. All settings may modify your browsing on our Site and your access conditions to certain services requiring the use of cookies, including access to all or part of our Site.

In general, if you do not wish to be subject to the use of cookies, or if you only wish to refuse certain cookies, you can modify your browser settings using the instructions provided on each browser's website:

For Microsoft (Edge or Internet Explorer)

For all other browsers not mentioned above, please consult the cookie management tools available on the Internet.

You can also consult the link below for an overview of how to block or delete cookies on the most common browsers:

Where do we store personal information obtained from cookies?

Our servers are located in Montreal, Province of Québec - Canada. If necessary, your personal information may be hosted and used in the United States and in any other country in which we use third-party service providers. As a result, we may disclose personal information in countries other than your country/province/state of residence, where privacy laws may differ.

How can you reach us?

You can send any request, question, complaint or comment concerning this policy to the following address :

Privacy Officer

500-1200, rue Des-Sœurs-Du-Bon-Pasteur, Québec (Québec), Canada G1S 0B1

Are we going to update this policy?

This policy is effective as of the update date at the bottom of each page.

We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time. When we make changes to this policy, they will take effect immediately when notice of the change is made available to you on our website.

To find out more...

You will find below an indicative list of the cookies used on our Site, their retention period and our supplier, if applicable

Last updated : 10-2023

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