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Three visual artists to discover at L’été pop at Quartier DIX30 | Blog Germain

Don't miss out on this huge party in Brossard!

L’été pop is like a giant block party: it’s a celebration of summer with all of the neighbors of the Quariet take will take place at Quartier DIX30 on July 6 and 7.

The crosswalks Square DIX30 and l’Esplanade will get a total makeover as visual artists will use them as their canvas for their art.

Quartier DIX30 chose very carefully the artists that will paint a wall and the crosswalks so that the final look is colorful and original.

Here are three Quebecers that are participating at
L’été pop:


Within a same work, Cyndie Belhumeur merges geometric and organic shapes with brightly coloured overlay effects. She applies this creative approach to both illustration and graphic design. She created her first large-scale mural with MU in 2015 after a position as assistant-muralist in 2014 led to her learning the rudiments of the art. In 2019, alongside three other Montréal artists, Cyndie Belhumeur personalised the appearance of a piano at the Montreal Convention Centre for Les Printemps du Palais. Recently, she presented her project Parasitisme at the Festival Vue sur la Relève.

“Halfway between illustration and graphic design, Cyndie Belhumeur's artworks, which brilliantly combine line and superposition techniques, evoke information systems in which movement and transformation, the spirit and meetings take their place. The complex dualities between the digital and the real, the technical and the organic seem to fit perfectly in these compositions of a soothing accuracy.’’


Charlotte is a filmmaker, art director, and designer. By combining her love for colours and ingenious concepts, as well as her background in graphic design and photography, her work spans multiple platforms and reflects a homogeneous and colourful graphic aesthetic.

''In order to include a variety of approaches, we wanted to involve artists from different disciplines. Charlotte Ratel's award-winning work in artistic direction, direction and design for a multitude of platforms always offers an ingenious look at colors, shapes and textures, imbued with highly controlled graphic compositions.’’


At the crossroads of graphic design and fine arts, Marc-Olivier Lamothe creates a world that’s colorful and cut-up, sometimes painted, sometimes illustrated.

He has worked on projects like Playful Chaos for Nouveau Palais, or the project in Camp Sid Lee at Place-Ville Marie in Montreal.

''The floating abstract forms, creatures and objects with organic contours of Marc-Olivier's works are all marks of his playful approach inspired by games, where the world appears to us as both amusing and chaotic. It is the sense of freedom that emerges from this vision that has seduced us.’’

As you will be there already, come and say hi at Bar Les Cousins kiosk, on Saturday and Sunday, from 2PM to 4PM, where we will be offering free mocktails.


Credit for the biographies of the artists: Quartier DIX30

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Germain HôtelsJuly 5th, 2019
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