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Three microbreweries in Ottawa

Where to find the best beers in Ottawa? Our three suggestions.

It’s no secret: Le Germain Hotel Ottawa’s concierge, Andrew Van Der Hoeven, is a beer enthusiast. Having worked in the brewery industry before, he knows a thing or two about a really good beer.

Here are his suggestions if you are looking for a good, micro brewed beer in Canada’s capital city.


"Recently I’ve checked out the Brasserie du Bas Canada. It’s a tiny little place, like a cafe, with a small menu. The food is absolutely amazing and the ambiance is great. Their HYPA IPA is one of the best, if not the best. It’s the real deal."
Drink: Los Tabarnacos, Milkshake IPA
Eat: Beef sandwich with poutine


"It is a restaurant and a brewery and you can only taste their beer on site. They have amazing West Coast and Northeast IPAs. Also, they do a brown mocha ale which they serve in a coffee cup." Drink: Macchiato Brown Ale
Eat: Miso-spiced chicken wings


"It’s not really new, but they are pumping out the craziest stuff! They have a blonde ale and an IPA that they serve all the time. Then just about every week, they create something wild and off the regular spectrum of ingredients for a beer. I’m excited about upcoming end of May release beer Picnic Blanket."
Drink: Unparliamentary Language IPA Eat: The local harvest board

Photos : Dominion City Brewing Co.

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Virginie LandryApril 12th, 2019
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