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The Pepin Shop: a hidden gem in Montreal

Discover this lovely boutique with tons of local produts in Old Montreal.

It was during the filming of the "One of the Family" capsule with Kim Thúy that I discovered The Pepin Shop. Or, in fact, that I set foot there for the first time. Because anyone with an Instagram account has already stumbled on photos of La Maison Espace Pépin in winter with its Christmas trees in its courtyard or its shelves well stocked with local products.

Author Kim Thúy is a regular and it is she who introduced me to this beautiful boutique with a very Pinterest-like decor. "When I have a gift to buy, when I want to spoil myself, that's where I go. I am an unconditional!" she says.

There are furniture and home decor, kitchen items, fabulous candles, natural products. In short, I didn’t know where to look as there are so many pretty things to shop for!

But the real treasure of this gorgeous boutique is its backyard, where you can have brunch as well as movie screenings and meditation workshops.

During our visit to the store, Ould Atig, of the restaurant La Khaïma (located on Fairmount Street in the Mile End), was busy preparing one of his famous dishes to share, like those served at the monthly Berber brunch at Maison Pépin.

On the menu? Meatballs stuffed with plums, crushed rice, eggplants in tomato sauce, a panoply of roasted vegetables, Moroccan olives and locally harvested fruits: it's a feast for both the eyes and the belly.

It only made me want to come back to shop at Maison Pépin ... but to arrive with an empty stomach!

Watch the ''One of the Family'' video with Kim Thuy and Chris Nuttall-Smith in Montreal.

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Virginie LandrySeptember 25th, 2019
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