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Miiyu X Le Germain: The dream team

From a bedding collection to a line of loungewear: Here’s the story of a heartfelt partnership between Simons & Le Germain Hotels.

The grandest projects often start with the wildest little ideas. That was exactly the case for Christiane Germain, who carried one of these wild ideas around in her head until she simply had to get it out: “A nightgown. Why don't we make a nightgown?”

Christiane has always had her guests’ comfort top of mind; and it is this care and concern that inspired a collaboration with Simons for the creation of a bedding collection that has now enjoyed 6 years of success. And that success has been made all the sweeter by the fact that the collaboration is between two Quebec family-owned businesses that have enjoyed a rich and long-standing relationship.

But, getting back to the nightgown! This is Christiane's favourite sleepwear: light, feminine, comfortable. So it’s no surprise to learn that she played an active role in the selection of fabrics, cuts and every other little detail, of what has evolved into a 6-set collection of loungewear.

The materials not only had to be soft and of high quality, but they also had to be eco-friendly; and in this regard, the expertise of the Simons team has been absolutely flawless. They selected every component with the utmost care and attention. We hope you’ll judge the results for yourself!

“It was by having both hands in the samples that I came up with the idea to push the envelope even further and offer a sheet that matches one of the pajamas. The fabric is so beautiful and soft, I wanted to wrap myself up in it!” - Christiane Germain

And that’s how, many months of hard work later, the team of Le Germain Hotels and Miiyu of Simons is pleased to offer their customers a collection of loungewear that has been carefully thought-out down to the last detail. The 6 sets in the collection are each available in two colours, in-store and online across Canada.

“Two local companies came together to form a dream team and craft a collection that inspires relaxation, simplicity and comfort. Every piece has been thoughtfully designed by a team that truly cares about the comfort of the individual who will wear it.” - Christiane Germain.

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Germain HôtelsOctober 23rd, 2020
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