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Le Blok : a different way to shop at Quartier DIX30

Where art and local fashion meet with grace.

The Blok aims to create new encounters and spark discoveries of local artisans in an environment where art is omnipresent. In other words, it is the perfect place to shop while discovering emerging artists and designers, while being ideally located right by the Alt Hotel Quartier DIX30.

What will first catch your eye are the colourful storefronts of Blok 1, 2, 4 and 5 (you read that correctly, there is no Blok 3!), a work of art by Cyndie Belhumeur.

It is, in our humble opinion, the most "instagrammable" spot at Quartier DIX30!

So, what will you find in these "bloks"?

Blok 5 has everything for kids and babies with the Mini Moi store, full of clothes, accessories, furniture and toys. Blok 4 is a space dedicated to streetwear lovers. Blok 2, for its part, is an art gallery where you can also buy local products.

Blok 1 is the pièce de résistance: the general store, a boutique developed by Dress to Kill magazine. It's as if the pages of the magazine came to life and became a store. You will find everything from clothing and accessories for men and women to trendy home items, perfumes, candles and decorations. Everything inside this shop is for sale (even furniture!).

This is the opportunity to discover a panoply of Canadian and Quebec designers, including three designers, Nadya Toto, Dompierre and Kanuk, who have created special and exclusive collections for Le Blok.

Initially planned until December 30, the concept will be extended undefinitely. The Blok will revitalize with new businesses.

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Virginie LandryDecember 10th, 2019
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