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Juliet and her Romeo's

Recette de cocktail mettant en vedette le gin Romeo's.

Propelled by a common passion for both art and the art of living, Le Germain Hotel Ottawa and the Quebec brand romeo’s gin present a limited edition bottle of gin created exclusively for the hotel. Coming from a collaboration between Montreal artist Julie Couture and Ottawa artist Ryan Smeeton, the bottle is adorned with an exclusive work of art paying homage to the nation’s capital. During their visit to the Norca Restaurant & Bar, guests will have the opportunity to sip Juliet with romeo’s, a signature cocktail created as part of this collaboration.


romeo’s gin: 1.5 oz (45 ml)
PUR Vodka: 1 oz (30 ml)
Lillet: ½ oz (15 ml)
Lavender bitter: 2 dash
Dill: 1 small sprig
Cucumber: 1 ribbon


Add ice to a coupe glass to chill
Add the gin, vodka, Lillet, lavender bitter and a small sprig of dill to the shaker with ice
Shake for 5 seconds
Remove ice from coupe glass
Strain through a sieve into coupe glass
Garnish the cocktail with a cucumber ribbon and serve.

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Clarah GermainMay 16th, 2018
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