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In the Dragon's Den

Christiane Germain talks about her experience on the show Dans l’œil du dragon (the Quebec version of The Dragon’s Den).

That’s a wrap! We finished filming the latest season of the show a few days ago. Ten very intense days where the dragons and the team become a bit like a big family. Ten days, also, where I saw a number of absolutely extraordinary entrepreneurs go by. A crop of participants that gives me confidence in the creative and economic health of our society.


For dragons, but especially for entrepreneurs, a TV set isn’t always a natural habitat. For many entrepreneurs, their experience on the Dragon’s Den is their first time in the spotlight, in a very bright studio, in front of five judges who are quite experienced and ready to ask sometimes difficult questions. To these entrepreneurs, I lift my hat. Whether you leave studio 43 with or without a deal from one or more of the dragons, you’ve undergone a challenge. To any entrepreneurs who would like to apply next year, my advice is this : do not underestimate the stress of a TV studio.


I had already been very impressed by the entrepreneurs I met last year, but I must say that this year is a very special crop. We had the chance to meet strong personalities, leaders, extremely passionate people. Entrepreneurs of all ages and from all regions of Québec who use their training (academic or otherwise) and who create opportunities that match their talent and enthusiasm. They use their experience to build something good. For an entrepreneur like me, it's very moving to see. I also met entrepreneurs who needed advice and investment from seasoned business people to take their business to another level. They arrived on the set ready to hear us, open to our advice and our comments, humble. The judges often fought to make offers to these people.

Unfortunately, some of the entrepreneurs who came to meet us didn’t leave with offers. To them, I say: don’t quit! Perseverance is probably the most important characteristic to have as an entrepreneur. If your idea is good, if it has a place in the market, if you put everything into it, your time will come.

I hope you enjoy this season of Dans l’œil du dragon. I’ll be doing live commenting on certain pitches from my Facebook page every Wednesday during commercials, starting April 25th. Don’t miss it!

(Photos: Louise Savoie)

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Christiane GermainApril 16th, 2018
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