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Hugo Germain in Charlevoix : unique discoveries to make

Discover this wonderful region like our Vice-President, Operations does.

As you now know, I am an ardent promoter of the Charlevoix region. My favourable bias for this beautiful region is obvious and I will not try to hide it. For this blog post, I choose to talk about the great outdoors and some activities that you can come and practise in an unbelievable environment not too far from Quebec City.

The town of Baie-Saint-Paul is developing and over the years it has become the ideal base camp to explore the region, whether it is to discover the delicious products of the region or to practise four seasons sports. Baie St-Paul has all the facilities to welcome you and help you have a good time with your family or friends.

The Massif de Charlevoix, located about 20 minutes west of Baie-Saint-Paul, offers a myriad of activities. When one thinks of the Massif, one immediately thinks of the dramatic landscapes of the mountains and the river, two significant attributes that make the destination a unique place.

This mountain is an exceptional place to hike.

For bike enthusiasts, it is good to know that the Massif has invested in the development of mountain bike trails. In addition to offering trails up and down the most beautiful mountain in Quebec, cyclists can enjoy the same dramatic backdrop in the summer as ski enthusiasts have the chance to experience in winter.

It is also time to book (or try to book!) a place in the restaurant Ah La Vache, located in the heart of Baie St-Paul. This small restaurant of about fifteen places serves cheese fondue like nowhere else and the conviviality of the reception of the hosts makes it a unique destination in North America. Greet Nicolas for us when you are there!

Baie-Saint-Paul is currently working on a project to protect the night sky of the beautiful Charlevoix region. You must have had the opportunity to visit the region at night to realize the beauty of the sky in this beautiful corner of the country. For this purpose, the best place to observe the stars is undoubtedly the summit of the Massif in the evening. Put on your hat, your big coat and a pair of warm mittens and go watch the beauty of the sky in this unique place. It is an original destination to end your day, before going back to your cozy bed at the Hotel & Spa Le Germain Charlevoix.

See you soon on the trails!

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Hugo GermainOctober 15th, 2022
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