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Fogo Island: the other side of the world

Richard Germain tells us all about his travel discoveries.

I’m at a loss for words... There are some places that just leave you feeling like you've reached the ends of the Earth: Easter Island, Ushuaia, Iceland.

On Fogo Island, Newfoundland, if the Earth were flat, three more steps would send you tumbling into the void.

Unadulterated beauty.



Quebec - Montreal: 50 minutes Montreal - Halifax : 1h15 Halifax - Gander: 1h45

Next, car

Gander to the ferry terminal, 1h15 Ferry ride to Fogo Island, 45 minutes And from the Island terminal to the hotel, 50 minutes.

A drawn-out preamble that only makes the destination more exotic.

Once nearly forgotten, this historical fishing town has a population of roughly 2,400, spread out among five charming communities that each have a history and character of their own. Zita Cobb, who made a fortune in the technology industry at the turn of the millennium, has returned to her native Fogo with a mission to revitalize the island with a vision focused on arts, culture, and architecture.

Cobb’s vision has met with such success that in less than five years, Fogo has become a veritable hub for international artists, who are invited to do residencies in one of four boldly designed studios. And there's no overlooking the architecture of the Fogo Island Inn, an extraordinary hotel inspired by the traditional stilt-base cabins where fishermen once dried their cod. Spectacular.

Yet what remains most endearing of all is the spontaneous and sincere kindness of Fogo’s residents, who seem to welcome every visitor as if they're the first.

You can also see a photo of me here with the last remaining piece of the iceberg that sank the Titanic in 1912. Ah, island folklore... They say believing is good for the soul.

To plan your trip, it's here.

There are countless compelling reasons to plan a trip to this part of the country. And one more: there is now an Alt Hotel in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. Alt Hotel Halifax is also a proud partner of Fogo Island Inn.

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Richard GermainMay 27th, 2017
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