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Discover the new fragrance at Le Germain Hotel Montreal

Who says new hotel says new perfume!

Le Germain Hotel Montreal, who temporarily closed its doors last fall, is currently undergoing major renovations and no stone is left unturned in this well-deserved makeover. When reopening this summer, it will have new bedrooms, new public areas and… a new olfactory signature created by Ruby Brown. We are taking you behind the scene of the exclusive "Hemp and Amber" collection.

"The fragrance was designed without a gender nor an age. It is neither feminine nor masculine. We want to please as many guests as possible. We also want it to be distinctive, remembered and to become a signature smell. It has personality, but also subtleties. It’s all about the dosage", explains Ruby Brown, who has collaborated with Germain Hotels in the past, she created the exclusive "Bergamot and Tea" fragrance of the Alt+ Hotel Quartier DIX30.

To find the right notes, Ruby Brown and her team worked "for many months" and created "hundreds of samples" to be presented to Marie Pier Germain, director of operations, for approval.

"We want to feel at home, but also to be surprised by the fragrance. I feel it is important to discover new things when you’re travelling", says Marie Pier Germain.

To create that "home" feeling with a touch of originality, Ruby Brown decided to start with warm notes: "we played a lot with amber. These are notes that I like to associate with coziness and home-feel", she adds.

After testing amber with rose, with fresh grass and other fresh scents, Ruby Brown selected the hemp leave. "It brings a nice green, aromatic, touch to the fragrance. It fits really well with amber and brings freshness and balance to the warmer notes." Approved by the Germain family, the fragrance will become a range of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body cream and hand soap, all paraben and sulfate free, as well as being vegan.

In an effort to be innovative and environmentally-friendly, Ruby Brown’s team created 1L refill bags that room attendants can use when cleaning up to refill the containers in the rooms.

“A made in Quebec fragrance house and Le Germain Hotel Montreal, it’s a dream project to be working on. We are creating luxury. It’s a perfect pairing of our two worlds", concludes Ruby Brown.

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Virginie LandryMay 15th, 2019
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