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Christiane Germain’s 5 dream destinations

Christiane Germain tells us about her favourite destinations …and the one place where she dreams of going.

I have always loved travelling. Discovering the culture, design and way of life of people in other countries around the world is fascinating and I take pleasure in doing so on each one of my trips. Here are some of my favorite destinations, I hope they will inspire you when you plan your next escapade.


I love this city because it is vibrant, cultivated, and full of history and art. Don’t miss : Oktoberfest in October, where all of Berlin joins in the fun, and the tower created by Norman Foster in the Reichstag.


It is always a pleasure to walk along the canals or cycle through the streets of the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Don’t miss: the entire city is superb - and a stop at one of their coffee shops, even just as an observer, is worth it.


I love the beaches of Tulum, where I go with my family to spend time together and relax. There is nothing better than the laughter of my grandchildren, a few rays of sunshine and the salty air to recharge my batteries.


I had the chance to spend a few days in Dubai this autumn. The city is larger than life and fascinating. I had heard about the covered ski slope and was not disappointed; there is something truly extraordinary about skiing in the desert. A must see!


They say that Bhutan’s people have the highest level of happiness in the world. I have long wanted to visit this land fixed in time, where they live a more simple and pure way of life.

Bon voyage!

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Christiane GermainMay 6th, 2017
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