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The five best places to practise sports in Canada according to Alex Harvey

Canadian cross-country skier Alex Harvey shares his favourite spots in Canada to practise sports, from summer through winter.

Canadian cross-country skier Alex Harvey, who retired from professional sport in 2019, shares his favourite spots in Canada to practise sports.


I obviously have a bias for where I come from! Saint-Férréol-les-Neiges is an exceptional place. The family home where I grew up was located at the foot of the mountain. I could leave the house on skis. When I was young, I did my homework on the bus and if they were well done, I had the right to go skiing before dinner, with a headlamp. You can practise sports in all seasons: in autumn, walking in the mountains is great with the colours. In winter, you can do alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing. In spring there is the spring skiing. And in summer there are beautiful bike trails.


Western Canada is a completely different landscape. I spent a lot of time in Canmore because the Canadian cross-country team is based there. It's the gateway to the Rockies. The valley is narrow: you have mountains almost 360 degrees. It's really a beautiful part of the country.

Quebec City

The Plains of Abraham are a very unique place. I participated in my last competition there. In winter, there is skiing and ice-skating. In summer, it’s perfect to go for a run. As an urban park, it's exceptional.

Saint-Raymond/ The Bras-du-Nord Valley

It is an exceptional site for mountain biking. It's the most beautiful trails in I've seen in the province of Quebec. You can do canoe-camping in summer.


I have never been to Newfoundland, but I would love to see that part of the country. I went to the east coast when I was younger, but I do not have many memories of that. I like surfing and I know that on the east coast, there is a lot to do, but with a dry suit because it's much colder!

Watch the ''One of the Family'' video with Isabelle Weidemann and Alex Harvey in Ottawa.

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Virginie LandrySeptember 25th, 2019
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