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Afternoon Tea Experience at Terre Restaurant: Margot's review

Marie Pier Germain and her family spent a few days in Newfoundland this summer. They went on a cod fishing expedition, did a bit of hiking and most importantly ate very well. The first activity on their schedule when they landed on "The Rock"? The afternoon tea experience at Terre Restaurant! Ten-year-old Margot, a self-professed foodie and budding food critic, shares her experience.

As soon as we left St. John’s Airport we headed to Terre Restaurant for tea. Clarah (Germain, Director of Guest Experience at the Alt Hotel St. John's) organized it all for us.

It was my first time having tea and I loved it!

First of all, the waiters make us choose our tea cup and I found it was very cute and thoughtful of them. The cups are vintage and were all different. They had pretty flower designs. I was the first to choose and my dad ended up with the last cup. His was also very beautiful.

The waiters were really nice and funny. They explained everything we ate to us and were very attentive to our needs.

When we saw the plates arriving we thought we were never going to be able to eat it all, but in the end it tasted so good that we cleared our plates!

I even had two plates of deviled eggs. They were the best I’d ever had. It was my favourite item on the menu among everything we ate. There were also cream puffs, muffins, croque-monsieur, shrimp on croutons, cute mini croissants. Everything is homemade.

Terre Restaurant offers a great selection of Camellia Sinensis teas and there were many flavours to choose from. I had a chocolate coconut tea, it tasted like chocolate milk with a hint of vanilla.

Terre restaurant is really, really, really beautiful. We ate at several restaurants during our vacation and this is definitely my favourite of them all. I liked the warm atmosphere and the view of the harbour. In the evening, when the lights are dim, the restaurant is even more beautiful. The choice of music that is played in the restaurant is also very important!

After we had tea, we went for a walk on Signal Hill because we had eaten way too much and wanted to burn some energy.

I give my experience a 5-star rating! It was worth taking the plane to have afternoon tea. I can't wait to come back to Newfoundland.

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Germain HôtelsAugust 26th, 2021
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