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A wedding for every season

Husbands- and wives-to-be, Melanie Aubin is talking to you: yes, summer is a wonderful season to have your big day, but there are also three other seasons to take advantage of!

I’ve always thought we were pretty lucky in Canada to have four distinct seasons, each coming upon us like clockwork and demonstrating the power and beauty of nature. Wouldn't life be sad if it resembled a never-ending November? What would we do with a 365-day summer? Take trips to the beach, sip rosé on the patio, wear sundresses, enjoy year-round tans... Alright, alright, that doesn’t sound so bad. But change is what allows us to appreciate what each season has to offer!

Husbands- and wives-to-be, I’m talking to you: yes, summer is a wonderful season to have your big day, but there are also three other seasons to take advantage of! Today, I’d like to go over the pros and cons of all four seasons, to help you make an informed decision when it comes time to choose a wedding date.



  • The spectacular colors of autumn leaves provide a magnificent natural backdrop;
  • The spectacular colors of autumn leaves provide a magnificent natural backdrop;
  • Milder temperatures mean clear, warm days and cool evenings;
  • The golden hourjust before sunset, a window of soft amber light that tends to occur between 4:00pm and 5:00pm, is the perfect time to take your wedding photos;
  • It is still possible to have an outdoor ceremony with tents for the reception, all you have to add are outdoor heating installations.


  • Fall is likely the 2nd most popular season for weddings, so it remains a very busy period;
  • The atmosphere becomes a bit sombre once the leaves have all fallen and the weather is grey and rainy;
  • There’s no guarantee the year’s first snowfall won’t end up surprising everyone.



  • Romantic, intimate and magical winter landscapes;
  • Venues and suppliers are easier to book, as this is the low season for weddings;
  • You have a better chance of getting discounts from certain vendors;
  • Early sunsets are perfect for those who dream of a ceremony at nightfall.


  • Winter is cold and flu season - for you as well as your guests;
  • People will already have a considerable amount of spending to do in light of Christmas and the winter holidays;
  • Snow or ice storms could jeopardize travel plans, especially if your wedding is in the countryside or a secluded spot, or if the reception is being held a good distance away from the ceremony;
  • Depending on the destination, it could cost you a little more to have a winter honeymoon.



  • March and April are still part of the low season, meaning you’ll have an easier time landing your dream wedding venue and vendors;
  • Everything is beginning to bloom and people will look forward to coming together in celebration after months spent indoors;
  • ‘Tis the season for fresh flowers;
  • With quieter schedules, your guests will have wider availability for attending your wedding.


  • The forecast remains unpredictable, and one last day of snow isn’t out of the question;
  • We tend not to be at our best come spring: a lack of sunshine has left us pale, and we might be carrying a few extra pounds after spending winter watching Netflix on the couch.



  • Everything is easier when it’s warm out, and you can spend more time outdoors;
  • Longer daylight hours mean ample time to plan your wedding photos and to photograph your guests in natural lighting;
  • You’ll have plenty of venue options, and this is the perfect season for outdoor, countryside weddings;
  • Fruits and vegetables are fresh and in abundance - which is perfect for those for whom food is very important.


  • The warm weather is a plus, but humidity can end up being your worst nightmare! There’s nothing like it to wreck your hairdo, ruin your makeup or bring out unflattering stains on your guests’ clothing;
  • You’ll likely have to reserve your venue and some of your suppliers up to 2 years in advance, given that this is naturally the busiest season;
  • Even if you're an excellent negotiator, deals will be hard to come by as because everyone will be in demand;
  • Summer is also peak vacation season, so it may be difficult to find a date that accommodates everyone who really matters to you.

As you can tell, there is no “best” season for getting married: it all depends on what kind of wedding you have in mind, and the time and money you have to spend on planning. Let your personality and interests guide you when deciding on the moment that’s right for you! Most importantly, remind yourself that there life (and wonderful weddings) other than just in July and August!

(Photo : Studio G.R. Martin Photography

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Germain HôtelsJanuary 6th, 2018
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