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6 activities to do with the kids in Montérégie during March break

Marie Pier Germain gives us some ideas for family activities in Montérégie during March break.

Skiing is really a fun sport and super easy to do with your family. I suggest you climb the mountain with sealskins under your skis, which allows you to do a little more exercise, before coming down again. There are very beautiful mountains to explore in Montérégie!

Ski Saint-Bruno

Ski Mont Rigaud

Why not spend the afternoon at the Ceramic Café in Greenfield Park, as to satisfy your little creative ones? Simply choose a blank pottery and have fun painting it to your taste.

I like to have coffee at Pistache in Saint-Lambert with my daughter and chat for a long time.

Go to the movies. My favourite is the Cinema Cineplex Odeon in Saint-Bruno, very close to the Simons, because it reminds me of so many memories and I love the smell of popcorn!

Take advantage of the days off to plant your seeds for your summer vegetable patch! You can go and choose the seeds with your family and decide together what will grow in the garden next summer.

A classic: the immersive activities of B Fly at Quartier DIX30, where you can be amongst the butterflies. It’s always very popular!

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Germain HôtelsFebruary 19th, 2020
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