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5 team building activities to do in Charlevoix

Getting to know each other while having fun!

Are you planning a corporate retreat to get to know your staff better or to refocus the team toward common goals? Why not use the opportunity to strengthen ties between your employees, or perhaps to create a deeper sense of belonging within your company.

Here are five activities to consider incorporating into your retreat at Le Germain Charlevoix Hotel & Spa.


A unique way of introducing your employees to the region that also encourages adaptability to change and greater team confidence in the face of adversity. Tailored to beginners who are comfortable on the water but who have no paddling experience, Katabatik offers various summer and winter activities for groups of 20 to 100 people. Find out more at


A great way to marry pleasure with practicality! Allow your employees to discover regional producers and artisans by tasting their products and observing them at work. This behind-the-scenes look at agricultural and artisan production covers cheese, wine, chocolate, cider, bread, organic meats, foie gras, beer, painters, natural products, weavers... Producers and artisans can accommodate groups of various sizes in both summer and winter.


Let your creativity roam free by creating a fresco with your team or planning a painting workshop with a local artist. The results will surprise you! This activity may be adapted to suit your objectives and your team. Activity offered in collaboration with La Galerie d’art Iris.


7.5 km of sheer delight and breathtaking landscapes. This activity begins with a 20-minute trip via “CatLuge” to Mont Liguori. The guides will take this time to go over the trail and a few safety tips. Once you arrive, your team will have a blast navigating the winding sled run that connects the base of the mountain to Le Massif de Charlevoix. A brief stop at the shelter located midway through the course will give you an opportunity to warm up fireside with a hot beverage, courtesy of the resort. The activity ends with gondola ride back up the mountain when everyone can share their day’s adventures. Departures in groups of 35. Find out more at


Delve into the art of making truffles with the hotel’s pastry chef or learn how to prepare a cocktail dinner with the chef at Les Labours restaurant. A wonderful bonding activity that gives your employees an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Our team will be happy to help you with every step of creating an unforgettable business retreat. Contact us!

Curious of what your event could look like?

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Germain HôtelsNovember 21st, 2017
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