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Germain Hôtels X local creators: Celebrating Canadian talent

Discover the talents of the Canadian businesses we have been working with for several years.

From the design to the operations, the Germain family carefully selects the artisans they work with in their properties. Year after year, the family has developed exceptional relationships with several Canadian companies that share the same vision and values. Establishing lasting partnerships with collaborators is part of the Germain Hôtels DNA and they are proud to continue working with the same creators for their various projects.

Lemay Michaud

The exceptional loyalty uniting Germain Hotels and its clientele is comparable to that which has been consolidated with LEMAY MICHAUD over the past 25 years.

This long-lasting collaboration allows them to achieve daring and innovative designs. The two companies share a common vision of design, attention to detail and aesthetics, so they are perfectly aligned and love to carry out new projects hand in hand. They are now friends of the family.

They recently signed the Le Germain Hotel Montréal project, which you can discover in the Night Creators web-series. We also invite you to explore the beautiful work they achieved over the past years on their social networks.

Marie Saint Pierre

Globally recognized for her refined and elegant style, she offers clothing of timeless elegance, without compromising on comfort and performance. She has been a pioneer in Canadian fashion for over 30 years and has worked with Germain Hôtels for women uniforms for the past 10 years. More recently, she worked with us for the new clothing of Le Germain Hotel Montreal employees.

All of her clothes are designed and crafted in Montreal by a team of local artisans. The clothes designed for our hotels are made of soft materials for comfort and resistant materials for longevity. She also offers online a comfortable clothing line, perfect for stylish but cosy video conference calls!


Germain Hôtels and this company, which specializes in making furniture for restaurants and hotels, share a beautiful love story that has been going on for over 50 years!

In 1963, the Germain family chose to do business with Rénova, a company in Plessisville, to manufacture the furniture of one of their restaurants. To this day, this collaboration is still going strong; Rénova now designs furniture for our hotels under the Alt, Escad and Le Germain banners. Prioritizing local merchants has always been a part of Germain Hotels' DNA, even before our first hotels!

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Germain HôtelsApril 24th, 2020
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