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French food vocabulary with David Pellizzari

What is a soupe Tourin? And a tartiflette? David Pellizzari from Le Boulevardier Restaurant explains it to us.

From February 24 to 29, Le Boulevardier Restaurant will present an exclusive 3-course menu for Montréal en Lumière, with the help of local artisans such as Chez Guillaume bakery, Aux Terroirs cheesemakers and charcuteries Aliments Viens.

On this very special menu created for the event, you will find some very typical French dishes. But how many of them do you really know?

We asked Chef David Pellizzari to explain his menu, dish by dish.


We poach duck legs in fat at 225 degrees for 4-5 hours, depending on the size of the legs. The meat is then shredded and mixed with additional duck fat, Dijon mustard and brandy. We mix it further to break down the texture of the meat to a fine, creamy texture.


This is a classic garlic soup from France. Different regions have different recipes. We will thicken ours with tempered egg yolk. It is a chicken stock base, with a hefty dose of garlic as the principale flavour.


A classic of Grenoble, where Bruno Durand (the operator of the restaurant) comes from. I’m doing this to make the man smile. It is a layered terrine of potatoes and crème fraiche, with a near ridiculous amount of reblochon cheese melted into the layers. We will also be adding smoked bacon to the mix.


A pork based terrine with chicken livers and ground veal flavoured with cognac. There are many variations of this dish, and Aliments Viens makes the best. A more refined texture rather than chunks of meat garnishing the ground veal. It is fatty and rich, in all of the best ways possible.


This is a Kaastart as its known in Belgium. Ours is a creation of Birgit Devroye, our pastry chef. Using fromage blanc as the base filling in her flaky pate brisée, garnishing with a crème anglaise au safran, blood orange segments, fresh chervil and a blood orange sirop.

The Boulevardier Restaurant participates to Montréal en Lumière from February 24 to 29, 2020.

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Virginie LandryFebruary 17th, 2020
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