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Clarah Germain’s suggestions for a very unique trip to Newfoundland

Clarah Germain met interesting people in Newfoundland and you can now benefit from these lovely meetings when visiting the island.

Since moving to Newfoundland last spring, I have had the pleasure of meeting many amazing people and experience a larger-than-life, majestic setting. Living here and developing privileged relationships with several local artisans allow us, among other things, to offer our guests real and authentic experiences for an unforgettable stay at Alt Hotel St. John’s. Here are some ideas to truly get the feel of our beautiful island.

The ocean and its fauna differently with Ocean Quest

Who does not dream of seeing whales up close, in their natural habitat? The joyful crew of Ocean Quest offers you the opportunity to observe (very) closely the marine nature while snorkelling, kayaking or in a zodiac, all the most respectfully of the nature. A great adventure tailor-made for you.

Fishing and lunch at sea with Saltwater Society

Our friends at Saltwater Society have set up a magnificent experience at sea. For an afternoon, you will be able to fish for cod, make a fire on the shore of an uninhabited island and enjoy a lunch consisting, among other things, of the fish you have caught. A lunch that you will remember for a long time.

Picnic on the cliff at Ferryland

One of my favourite places on the Island. The Ferryland Lighthouse offers a spectacular view of the ocean and the famous cliffs that line the coast of Newfoundland. You can book a delicious, lovingly prepared picnic - with fresh, local ingredients to eat while you are there.

Taste the nature of Newfoundland with Lori

Lori McCarthy is an exceptional woman. She picks fruits, hunts for meat, fishes and cooks everything in a small house in the forest. What is wonderful is that it is possible to live this experience with her in a small private group of 6 people. Discover the Sounds Cod experience here.

Willfully stray into the East Coast Trail

I must admit, I haven't been trekking all my life - on the other hand, I can recognize an extraordinary path when I see one. The East Coast Trail stretches over 330 kilometres and offers 25 trails (of varying degrees of difficulty). If each trail is different, the trails all have one thing in common: a breathtaking view of our beautiful cliffs, the ocean, icebergs and whales (in season). Want to discover the trail with a guide? Let us know!


If you are looking to spend a few days in Bonavista, I cannot recommend enough to stay at the Russelltown Inn. This inn offers cozy rooms, chalets and eco-friendly pods just steps from the ocean. Your stay in this beautiful region would not be the same without a pizza at the Bonavista Social Club (a delicious ultra-local restaurant on the waterfront very close to Bonavista) and a little shopping at the East Coast Glow boutique.

We work closely with all these beautiful people in order to offer you privileged access to these activities. Do not hesitate to contact me, I will help you organize your stay with great pleasure.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Clarah GermainMarch 16th, 2020
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