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5 things to know before attending a Whiteout Party in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Jets have qualified for the NHL playoffs and the famous Whiteout Parties are back!

The Winnipeg Jets will compete in the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs this year again and that can only mean one thing: it is the return of the famous Whiteout Parties!

Fans from across the city will meet in the streets to cheer on their team. Fancy joining one of these legendary parties? Here’s what to know:

1- Wear white! Even better, buy a Winnipeg Jets Whiteout shirt: they are already available at Jets stores and most sporting stores.

2- To get the best spots, we suggest getting to the Whiteout party and bars early. People start staking their spot out at the bars hours before a home game!

3- Use the hashtag #WPGWhiteout to share your pictures on social media.

4- Leave the backpack at home or in your hotel room. Saves you time getting through security plus the streets are packed so it will just get in the way.

5- Have fun and cheer on your favourite team! Hopefully it’s the Winnipeg Jets, but if you’re here because we’re playing your favourite team – friendly Winnipeggers won’t hold that against you!

If you do not have the chance to own tickets for a game, the Whiteout Party is the best place to participate in the playoffs’ festivities. It is also the best place to watch a game, as big screens are put up surrounding Bell MTS Place, so fans can watch the game while cheering outside.

Want to go inside? Head to Merchant Kitchen, Browns Social House, Moxies or Yellow Dog Tavern, which are located near the Alt Hotel Winnipeg and Bell MTS Place. However, on game days, all bars turn into a sports bar!

Written with the collaboration of the Alt Hotel Winnipeg’s staff.

Photo by: Tyler Walsh / Tourism Winnipeg

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Germain HôtelsApril 1st, 2019
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